Architecture Fine Art Prints For Sale

Unique and creative architecture is mesmerizing. A rare combination of purely artistic form that has a mandate to be functional, Shapes and materials come together to create a seamless looking form that can bend light and the mind. This collection stems from my experience as a professional architectural and design photographer. Working with client requests and expectations usually has such rigid parameters that I can only shoot and edit in one specific method. When I do get the opportunity to shoot a truly interesting subject matter, I like to play. Color washes, reflections, tight focus all transform the mundane into the wild and unique really drawing the eye and enhancing lines. This is a collection of what draws my eye when I see great design.

Recent Curatorial Praise for “Prism”; ” Rhythmic panels build an Illusion of infinite prismatic architecture, and staccato breaks in the structured network reflecting primary illuminated pastel skies ” – Masahito Ono

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